Noobie Box + A Year Of Wonders (Boy Edition) Unboxing

Noobie Box + A Year Of Wonders (Boy Edition) Unboxing

Hey everyone! This is my unboxing of the Noobie Box – pregnancy gift box, and the Noobie A Year Of Wonders (Boy Edition).

I am not affiliated with Noobie Box and this video is not sponsored; everything I say are 100% my personal opinions. In this video, I unbox the pregnancy edition and all four milestone boxes: Noobie Nest, Noobie Eat, Noobie Play, and Noobie One.

1:10 Pregnancy Gift Box

3:00 Noobie Nest

5:26 Noobie Eat

7:59 Noobie Play

10:16 Noobie One

You can get a FREE Noobie Pregnancy box here and 20% off your order of any milestone box:

My favorite would probably be the Noobie One box because it has a lot of items I knew I wanted to use for his first birthday. Let me know what you guys think of the brand and which one was your favorite box!

Have a beautiful day and see you in my next post,

xx Krystalyn Laura

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