Updated Night Time Routine with Auggie

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As the seasons are changing, so are our skin. Naturally, I’ll change up my skincare routine with different moisturizers when I’m feeling dryer or oilier. BUT — Being a first time parent, I didn’t think about Auggie’s skin until I noticed the lotion we normally use hasn’t been moisturizing his skin as well. Half way through the day, I’ll have to reapply lotion on his legs because I’ll notice they’re getting ashy.

We started to switch up his products to Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture Tip to Toe Wash and Rich Moisture Lotion, and even got it personalized to his name on the bottles! How cute is that? It’s sold as a two-pack because they really do go hand in hand. I love the clean smell it leaves on Auggie after a bath, and the lotion easily glides onto his skin. They’ve become essential items to his Fall and Winter routines.

After a long day, or a messy meal (i.e. his favorite autumnal pasta dinner), we’ll draw him a bath and play with his toys. Bath time is his favorite time of the day because he absolutely loves water — splashing, swimming, and dunking his toys underwater. While he’s playing with his cars, I’ll use the rich moisture tip to toe wash to help retain his natural skin moisture. It’s gentle on his skin and smells so good.

Then, I’ll take him to bed to sing our favorite songs. While we’re singing, I’ll apply the rich moisture lotion all over his body. It gently moisturizes his skin for up to 24 hours — say goodbye to ashy legs halfway through the day! Auggie even knows it’s his lotion because he’ll try to hold it and pretend to rub it on his arms. When I’m done getting him dressed, he’ll put the two bottles away in his cubby and he’s ready for bed.

You can personalize your baby bottles with any name up to 11 characters here. They’re a great way to make bath time extra special, or even as a holiday gift for new parents in your life! I think they’d even make such a cute baby shower gift. Thank you Baby Dove for being a part of our night time routine!

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