Imposter Syndrome: How To Really Defeat It 2022

Last week, I asked you to email and share your Influencer and Content Creation goals for 2022! Today, we’re gonna start tackling those together; and what better way than to take on the dreaded Imposter Syndrome and get you in the right mindset to manifest and work toward all those goals.

What Is Imposter Syndrome?

It’s that nagging feeling that says you, your work, and your worth aren’t as talented and capable as others think you may be, that you’re just lucky. Where you doubt your skills and self and think “Why me? Out of everyone putting content out there on social media, why should anyone care about my content?” 

“No One Else Is Exactly Like You, And That Is Your Superpower.”

I get it. It can be hard to leave that mindset behind, but I’m telling you.. there’s power in similarity. That’s why influencers so often find themselves in a certain niche. Embrace it. Find your community. No one else is exactly like you. 

So how do you battle imposter syndrome? It starts with a little reframing. 

“Oh that one viral video was just a fluke.” No! You worked hard, made content others enjoyed, and things came together. Give yourself credit. 

“I don’t have enough experience to ask for pay.” No! If a brand is interested in working together, you have already proven that your work is worthy of pay. Give yourself credit.

“There are bigger influencers out there.” Sure, but, they don’t have your followers, your content, your ideas. Give yourself credit…are you seeing a pattern?

You’re not the only one who experiences imposter syndrome

It’s reported that 70% of people experience these feelings at some point in their lives. That means your favorite IG or Tik Tok account? There’s a good chance they’re feeling it too. 

So if you feel like you don’t fit in, don’t have the right clothes, house, toys. If you feel like your words wouldn’t matter, wouldn’t affect change, wouldn’t be impactful. Think again.

Your difference is someone else’s reality, your experiences are worth sharing, everyone started somewhere (at zero), just like you. 

Say it with me:

“My opinion and voice matter.”

“I am here because of my hard work and skill.”

“People can see the value of my content (and so can I).”

“I am worthy of good things.”

Brands Aren’t Working With You To Be Polite

For a brand, their goal is return on investment. If they choose to partner with you, they see the value you bring to the table; whether it be gorgeous photos, entertaining reels, a loyal audience, or a combination of all three. 

Your followers and audience aren’t engaging with you because they have to, it’s because they want to. They are choosing to be there, watching your stories, liking your posts. Make sure to download my guide on how to optimize your Instagram page here so that you are attracting more traffic to your account. Feeling overwhelmed? Read my post on how to balance your time here.

I believe in you. 

In 2022, it’s time you start believing in yourself. Because once you accept what you see as your flaws, and embrace them; you’ll see there’s no one else like you. That the rest of your goals are just milestones waiting to be met. 

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