10 Social Media Niches For Influencers and Content Creators

It’s been two weeks since my mini course relaunched and I am loving connecting with even more of you than before! This week, I’m answering a popular question I saw in my comments and email replies, How do I pick a niche? If you’re just starting out on social media and unsure of what kind of content to post, keep on reading for 10 social media niches that are thriving this year.

What is a social media niche?

A niche is how you categorize yourself in social media marketing.

Let’s start by noting that a niche is not absolute. Where you start may not be where you end up, and just because you fall under one niche doesn’t mean you can’t post and share under others. It isn’t linear. The benefit of an overarching niche is that it connects you with an audience. As you start and grow, you want like-minded followers that will interact and engage with your content, so a niche helps you find that. Over time, you may be able to blend 2-3 social media niches together.

I started in Motherhood, expanded into Travel and Lifestyle, before eventually going back to my education background and moving into the Business side of Instagram / Influencing. Does that mean I never post about Motherhood or Travel anymore? Of course not. My audience from each niche is still with me, we’ve grown together, gotten to know each other. This is where content pillars play into effect.

Content Pillars

Content pillars are 3-5 types of content that you post under a specific social media niche. For instance, in Motherhood, your content pillars could be homeschooling, crafts, and toddler outfits. In the Fitness niche, your content pillars could be healthy recipes, at-home workouts, and gym-leisure outfits.

My social media niches worked exactly as intended: they connected me with the right followers. Ones that stick around, engage and grow with me. That’s the secret sauce for growth, and without that connection, you can only grow so much. 

What Niche Will Bring You The Right Following?

Here are 10 Niches for 2022 that are booming

Before you pick a niche, make sure you actually care about it. This will ensure you don’t get burned out by creating content you aren’t passionate about. And when you decide on a social media niche, think about 3-5 content pillars that you know you can consistently create content of.


Build your virtual village and connect with like minded parents by creating funny and relatable reels, sharing playroom inspo, and moments with your family. From pregnancy to teenage-dom, there is no end to this niche.


Are you always on the go? RV’ng around the US? Flying all over the world? Or do you live in a high tourist location and can share all the best “Must See” places in your city? People will always want to see inspirational travel content as they plan their own trips.


Are you always putting together outfits? Whether for work, date nights, or just everyday wear; the same way people turn to social media for travel inspo they really want to see people who have their same taste putting together outfits that they want to wear / buy also. 


Self care queens (and kings, I see you) always know the latest and greatest products; from skincare to makeup and hair. If you’re a loyalty member at Sephora, always looking at new products, great at makeup or passionate about skincare this is a great niche for you.

Home Decor

Whether you have a beautiful home, or are currently renovating, or just love styling for every season, holiday, etc. This is a huge niche the same way fashion and travel are; inspire people and keep those LTK (liketoknow) up to date.

Health and Fitness

Be genuine, share your own experience. Right now creators on TikTok and Instagram who are real about body image while also educating on staying healthy and feeling good in the skin you’re in are booming. People will always have goals, but 2022 is the year of a new kind of Health and Fitness niche. Be the best you, not the best someone else. Passionate about this? Now is the time to jump in.


A kind of blend of niches; one influencers often fall into after establishing an audience. A lifestyle niche centers…well, life. From home decor to low waste solutions and family meals. This niche focuses more on beautiful photos and an aesthetic feed to draw in followers. 


Are you a whiz in the kitchen? Do you love creating new recipes and food? People are meal planning as we speak, looking at social media for a recipe to use. That could be your recipe. 


DIY? DI-Yes. Are you crafty? Do you make your own home decor? Or maybe you’ve created your own curriculum for keeping kids entertained at home. Share your ideas with others. Take photos and videos of projects you’re already doing anyway and connect with others.


Great photos and social media go hand in hand. Inspire other photographers and provide visual joy for others with your beautiful photos. Great for people already in the photography business looking to expand their social media presence. 

Let me know in the comments below: what’s your niche? And what are your content pillars?

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