How to be successful in the Fashion and Beauty niches in 2022

Only slightly jet lagged from my trip to North Carolina, but ready to jump right back into it with our 5 Week Niche Mini Series. If you’re just joining us, Hi! My name is Krystalyn and I’m sharing tips every week to help Influencers build the life of their dreams. We first talked about social media niches when I shared the 10 Niches Booming in 2022 and last week, we broke down two of those niches and their content pillars (Travel & Food). This week, we’re going to cover the Fashion and Beauty niches.

The Fashion Niche

Most people get up and get dressed every day, and no matter how young or old, they look for inspiration; magazines, department store mannequins and now social media. Saturated by influencers posting daily #ootd ‘s, if you’re looking to inspire the world and make it in this niche, you’ll need to stand out.


Have your personal style locked down. Establish those pillars within fashion. 

What does that look like? 

When half of the world stopped working remotely and went back to the office, work outfit inspo boomed in 2021, and keeps growing with more people reentering the workforce, so if you’re styling cute outfits for work every day, this is for you. Or maybe you’re a SAHM mom who knows how to get ready, stay comfy but feel cute. High end always has a place in this niche, and people who provide dupes for expensive pieces are always appreciated. Vintage made a comeback thanks to TikTok and Reels too.

Study fashion, follow people who post outfits you wouldn’t personally wear, make friends within the community. 

There’s no end to the possibilities here, and don’t worry if everything can’t be linked on LTK ( is a service that offers small commissions on products linked through its service), in order to attract the right audience and grow your following, you’ll want to worry more about posting different outfits and consistency (get on those Get Ready With Me Reels, we all can’t stop watching them). You can always link similar pieces when you re-share outfits that resonated with your audience later. 

Collaborations are endless, and it’s okay to be picky, reach out to brands you love and say no to clothes you’d never wear. Take great photos? You can even partner with local venues, hotels and vacay spots to use as backdrops to showcase your lewks. 

And there’s always beauty products ⬇

The Beauty Niche

Calling all #beautybloggers #skincarejunkie and #makeupjunkie ‘s

This goes hand in hand with fashion and is often an easy transition for influencers looking to expand what they post. Like with Fashion (and any niche, tbh) you’ll want to really nail down your personal style.

If you post everything, you cast yourself in a sea so big that will make growth harder and more work (for you). Instead, really pinpointing who you are and sharing within a couple of content pillars allows you to immediately find your right audience and start building those genuine relationships.

Within beauty, you have makeup –which can be anything from the most intricate looks, completely transforming yourself, to sharing five minute makeup routines for the everyday mom. Who are you? What kind of content attracts your attention? Where do you find yourself most inspired?

Or maybe you’re more of a skin care guru, and you swear by your routine for oily/dry/combination skin.

Whatever it may be, for both of these niches, you’ll want to incorporate video content to garner the most views and thrive. People resonate more with a face than they do product photos, so be willing to get in front of the camera. 

And collaborations aren’t limited to makeup and skincare, there’s a reason the Fashion and Beauty niches go hand in hand. You can work with clothing brands, hair tools, jewelry; home decor for those relaxation moments are within reach too. 

As always, these social media niches are what you make of them. Grab your favorite outfit or your die hard products and just start posting.

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