Health, Fitness, and Lifestyle: How to be successful in these niches

Tips to be a health, fitness, and lifestyle influencer

Before deep diving into the Health, Fitness and Lifestyle niches, make sure to check out my post to read about the 10 social media niches to choose from as a content creator and influencer. If Health + Fitness, and Lifestyle peaks your interests, and you want to start growing your online presence this year within these two niches, then keep on reading!

These two social media niches specifically are so overarching and popular that they’ll always have room for newcomers to grow and profit in these fields. 

So what do content pillars and partnerships look like for these two niches?

Health and Fitness

Whether you are just starting your journey or you are already an expert in your field, creators on TikTok and Instagram who are real about body image, while also educating on staying healthy and feeling good in the skin you’re in, are booming! People are looking to follow creators who are genuine, and willing to share your own experience. They want to feel inspired and cheered on, like their own goals are attainable.

Content pillars for this niche are never ending.

Are you a yogi mom? Teach others safe pregnancy and postpartum yoga moves!

Vegan? Grain free? Share your yummiest recipes for others who eat like you!

Are you obsessed with specific athleisure wear? Share your go-to purchases!

To succeed in Health & Fitness, like any niche, but perhaps even more for this one, you’ll need to be consistent. To show up for the people who trust you with their own goals and bond over your journeys together. This niche doesn’t look like it did ten or even five years ago, this isn’t just a field for people looking to gain muscle or lose weight, if you’re living a body neutral life and ready to cheer others on this niche is anything you make of it.

As far as partnerships goes, you could work with brands that incorporate anything from grocery deliveries and new clothes to workout equipment and gear. There are also many opportunities to work with wellness and supplement companies. Think of ideas outside of the box: want to host a workout meetup? Partner with local businesses for location and goodies for everyone attending!


The lifestyle niche is the “niche” that so many creators fall under simply because it overarches multiple niches at once. The only caution with the lifestyle niche is that putting yourself out there in a big pond makes it harder to find you than it does in a small (niched-down) pond. 

If you’re wanting to post anything to do with the daily way of living, cooking, clothes, home decor, etc, succeeding in this niche relies heavily on high quality content and finding other people whose dream aesthetic matches yours. This is where your creative flair really takes into play.

You’ll want to be intentional with your photos and any video content you create. Find Instagram accounts that resonate with you and note what draws you to them about their feeds. Put that same feeling into your own photos and feed. 

Homemaker? Showcase slow living.

Bright and Bold? Help inspire others to bring color into their home.

Love a specific color palette? Share your favorite ways to style everything, whether it’s in neutral tones, earth tones, and so forth.

The great thing about this niche is that partnerships can be absolutely anything you use in daily life. From toothpaste and shampoo, to pots and pans for your kitchen, a chicken coop, and even a car for your next road trip. It all depends on what fits your lifestyle.

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