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content pillars and partnerships as a home decor or photography influencer

We’ll be getting right into the Home Decor and Photography niches and content pillars this week, so if you’re new here (hi!), make sure to check out the beginning of our mini niche series and read my post on 10 Social Media Niches that are booming and growing in 2022!

Home Decor and Photography can be completely different niches depending on your content pillars, but they can also overlap. These two are related in that the home decor niche doesn’t just rely on a steady rotation of decor and change in your home, but high quality photos that make people feel inspired to change their own space.

Before we get into that, as always, make sure you pick a niche that you are passionate about to prevent burnout and ensure you can commit your time to creating authentic content.

The Home Decor Niche

Modern, Farmhouse, Fixer Upper, Renter Friendly; whatever your home style is, this niche has room for you. There are so many different content pillars to choose from that also doesn’t have to be specifically showcasing your home decor style. There’s also DIY projects, renter-friendly decor, thrift finds, house flips, real estate tips, and so much more.

As the housing market holds steady, more and more people are turning to renting. So if you have an eye for decor and “renovations” that are easy to paint over, remove and return as it was found, the renter-friendly home decor niche has never been bigger. 

If you have a specific home decor style, you can share your space in one reel / tiktok, and continue creating content where you share a step-by-step process of how you decorated each room.

Are you a new home owner? Me too! Everyone loves to see what other people’s homes look like. Share your renovations. Your inspiration. Take us shopping with you for tiles and sinks and paint. And don’t just stop there. Share the good and the bad with the entire process, and create polls in your Instagram stories so that you can learn more about your audience’s preferences.

Always going big for even the smallest holidays? Inspire others to romanticize their life by going all out too. Share how you decorate for gatherings and special occasions, where you purchased specific items, and what DIY projects you made to elevate the decor.

What kind of brand collaborations can you land in the home decor niche?

Working with brands in this niche can help make both renovations and furnishing more affordable for you. Anything from Etsy letterboard wall art to heated bathroom floors, to wallpaper and even the moving truck for your belongings.

There are many big-named companies, such as Samsung and Home Depot, who offer paid and gifted campaigns that could range from receiving free items (a fridge, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, etcetera) to offering a gift card so that you can purchase any items you need for your home.

You could also work with companies for free paint, wood panels, light fixtures, furniture items, rugs, and much more.

The Photography Niche 

Good photography is applicable in any niche. The better quality the photos, the better your chances of high paying collaborations (no matter the following count). That’s because high-quality images will always be more appealing than low-quality, and brands can easily save money hiring you for campaigns than a professional photographer.

If you’re a professional photographer already and wanting to branch into social media, not only to grow your business but as an influencer also, you’ll need to niche-down your photography style (like how you would niche-down in any niche). Let’s say you normally offer weddings and family sessions and newborn photography. That puts you in a space with a lot of other photographers.

Other content ideas include flatlays, portrait shots, family photo sessions, scenic imagery, product images, branding shoots, and so forth.

What makes you a different photographer? Maybe you make your own presets. Maybe you showcase more of your personal work and let us get to know the person behind the camera (while showcasing your work in reels). Or are you a teacher who can help others master camera settings? Or photoshop?

Photographers who thrive on Instagram often share before + after reels, such as before images + after edits, and behind the scenes + the images that were taken.

What kind of brand partnerships are available in the Photography niche?

Partnerships will depend on what your content pillars are.

Are you into Travel + Photography? Then you can find many partnerships with hotels and experiences, such as a spa day, museum and theme park visits, and boat rides.

Are you into Parenthood + Photography? There are a plethora of partnerships, such as toys, snacks, and even fashion (like matching family outfits).

Are you into Fashion + Photography? The common partnerships include free clothes and beauty products.

Depending on the type of content you create will vary your partnership opportunities. Typically brands want to see the different images you can shoot and might ask you to recreate something featuring a specific item, such as blankets, hiking shoes, or even a water bottle. Brands that photographers might work with include Skill Share, Sony, Canon, Nikon, Social Squares, or Adobe.

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