Compare Parenthood and Crafting to be successful in social media

Content pillars and brand partnerships as an influencer in the parenthood and crafting niches

We made it to the last week of our Mini Series on Profitable Niches for 2022! I started this six week journey by breaking down the top ten niches for social media growth and success, and have been deep diving into two a week (and sharing examples of what brand partnerships could look like). For our final week, I’ll be sharing a closer look at the Parenthood and Crafting niches.

In case you missed the other posts, so far we have gone over:

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The Parenthood Niche

Parenthood is where I found most of you, specifically in Motherhood! Motherhood, Parenting, it’s a journey like no other, and whether you’re sharing the real and raw or the perfectly curated, there is a need for parents, like me and you, to share their journeys. What I hear more often than I expected was that parenthood was surprisingly isolating for first-time parents. So many are in search of their village, someone who understands their woes, who they can relate to, be inspired by, connect with. 

I met my now best friend and have made many lifelong friendships through Instagram, so I know first hand what an amazing place Social Media can be for connecting with people. 

So what can Content Pillars look like in the Parenting niche?

Because motherhood and parenting is a broad spectrum, like always, we’ll want to use a content pillar to cast a more specific net and attract the right audience. 

This can look like:

Motherhood + Humor 

Motherhood + Cooking/Recipes 

Motherhood + Home Decor / Lifestyle

Motherhood + DIYs

Motherhood + Homeschooling

Motherhood + Family Travel (this is where I started!)

As usual, picking between two or three content pillars will help you prevent from burnout, and give you ideas to consistently create content. And if you’re a dad, apply it to your experiences with Fatherhood!

The kind of Brand Partnerships in the Parenting niche

Like with the Lifestyle Niche, Parenthood opens you up to endless collaboration opportunities, from clothes for you and your kids, to meal delivery services, theme park tickets, and furniture for your home. This is a heavily relationship-based niche, so connect with the people who follow you; brands will take notice and it will pay off (and you may meet some incredible people in the process).

Oftentimes, brands will want you to incorporate a human element in this niche, such as you + your children or solely your children enjoying their product. Just be mindful of the content you create with your children and don’t be so hard on yourself if you can’t get the perfect shot on the first try. Children will be children so if they begin to get antsy with a photoshoot, switch up the scenery or give them a break.

The Crafting Niche

There’s a reason I paired the Parenthood and Crafting niches. Crafting, DIY, seasonal decor, and even home decor are so often an outcome of being a parent. You’re suddenly thinking of fun crafts for every holiday and making a big deal of the smallest occasion. Parenthood changes us. It introduces us to new hobbies and whether you’re a full time crafter, making bullet journals, your own sensory bins, or even play school curriculum, people will turn to the internet for ideas. 

Of course, you don’t have to be a parent to fall under the craft niche. If you’re passionate about DIY and enjoy educating and sharing with others, this is the niche for you. Anyone can share what they made, but the key to success in this niche is the tutorials, step by step reels, clear instructions, great pictures. 

Content Pillars for the Crafting niche

Crafting + Homeschool

Crafting + Holidays

Crafting + Parenthood

Crafting + ASMR (huge opportunity for this one in the age of video creation right now)

I’d argue that video creation for this, more than any other niche, is a must. I say this because there is so much growth potential with video creation in this niche: growth in email subscribers, growth in followers, and even growth in sales.

Possible Brand Partnerships in the Crafting niche

Depending on your content pillars, collaborations for this niche can range from crafting supplies to home decor to even food (I’m thinking mac and cheese, or rice sponsorships for a sensory bin), keep an open mind and get creative. I know you can do it! There are also different companies who offer activity kits such as STEM craft kits and storybook reading + crafts, which is perfect for the Parenthood and Crafting niches.

If you are not a parent and enjoy crafting, you can also find partnerships with journal brands, writing utensils, Cricut, printers, small business tools, crochet needles, and more. Depending on your type of craft will depend on the available collaborations for you.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. I hope you found it helpful and informative!

Tell me, what other social media topics do you want to learn more about next time?

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