Do influencers need a blog? (Yes & This is why)

This one is for everyone who hasn’t jumped on making their blog yet (and for those considering canceling their current blog). You might not know it, but there’s actually a lot of opportunities to work with brands when you have a blog. So if you’re an aspiring creator or a seasoned influencer, I’m here to tell you that yes, influencers need a blog.

Hmm… Do I really need a blog?

YES, and here’s why;

Every business needs a blog. The sooner you start viewing yourself and your social as your business, the sooner you start making real money. 

Whether you’re a mom influencer, travel content creator, specialize in food or DIY, then optimizing your brand / business and strengthening your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) presence are never a bad idea. 

Fill those blog posts full of keywords you’d like to rank highly for (ie: relating to your niche) and search engines will start to see your business as a reliable source of information. Not only does this look great for brands you want to work with, but provides opportunities for more sponsored content options.

Backlinks to your blog will also help it to climb the search engine rankings and since anyone (no matter the following) can post links now in their stories, this gives you a great chance to get your name out there.

You also have the ability to use your own website for a Link Landing Page, rather than using a third party website such as Linktree, which helps keep your audience engaging with your content and gives you a boost on all ends.

Blog Traffic = Growth = Money

Blogging is also a great way to connect with your audience past the DM’s and continue growing that genuine connection. And you can blog about anything! It might seem tedious at first, but influencers need a blog to also be an in-depth resource for your audience.

Going on a trip with the fam? Or perhaps you’re going on a solo trip! What are you packing? Where did you visit? What are the most instagrammable places? What did you eat? Write about it all!

Do you use LTK ( and often share links? Post it in a blog post and increase your chance of commission! Increase your traffic. Drive views from Google and from Social Media.

Want to share a more in-depth tutorial on how to create a DIY project or cook your go-to favorite meals, share it on your blog!

When you’ve created your blog post, you’ll want to share it across your social media platforms — mention it in an Instagram post, share the blog post link in your Instagram stories, put it on Facebook, pin it to Pinterest.

You want your name, your brand, your content everywhere.

“But so many influencers already have a blog.”

That doesn’t mean it’s too late. Everyone else already has an Instagram too. We all started somewhere. It’s never too late to start growing. You just have to stay consistent. Whether it’s posting once a month (at the beginning or the end of the month), or once every other week, or even once a week. Consistency is key. Start a blog challenge with people in your niche, motivate each other to post and help come up with topics when you’re feeling unmotivated. Grow your community. 

Just like with Instagram, or TikTok, or any social media platform, the more you write and blog about a subject, the more value you provide. The more value you provide, whether teaching a skill or entertaining or providing the best gift ideas, the more people will continue turning to you. Plus, a blog post has a way longer shelf life than an Instagram post.

Once you get your blog started, in addition to driving traffic back to your social media, you also have the ability to earn extra income.

You can use your blog to:

  • Create content for brands the same way you do for social
  • Showcase examples of freelance work you do for others
  • Content Writing, Editing, Design, Etc
  • Sell digital products and courses
  • Share affiliate links to drive up your commissions
  • Monetize your blog by running ads on your website

The real question shouldn’t be “do I need a blog?”. It should be “why don’t I already have one?”

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