How To Create An Email List Right Now – 6 Easy Steps

how to create an email list right now

Don’t you hate it when Instagram is down and you can’t connect with your audience? That’s why email lists are so powerful– you can easily email your subscribers to check in with them, share a quick life update, and more. If you have been meaning to finally make one and just needed a sign (this is it, I got you), and for those that need more convincing, we’re going to talk all things about Email Lists in this post. From what it is, to why you need one, and tips on how to create an email list from scratch. Before diving in, make sure to read my post on why you need a blog in 2022 because having a website goes hand in hand with having an email list.

So what is an Email List?

An email list is just that– a list of everyone who has visited your site and chose to enter their name and email address to receive more information from you (btw if you’re not yet subscribed to my email list, you’re missing out on exclusive discounts and social media tips that come out every Tuesday and Friday).

It’s one of your primary traffic drivers for your website / blog and a great way to continue growing your relationship with your audience.

Why do you need an Email List?

There’s No Algorithm

Connect with your audience without tricks or hoops, landing right in their inbox every week to engage and continue building a relationship. If a social media app went down, how would you connect with your audience? You can’t because you don’t own Instagram, or TikTok, or Facebook, or any other social media platform that you’re on. But, you do own your own email list.

Email Lists Offer Exclusive Access… To You

What everyone wants, especially if they’re taking the time to fill out their information into a form, is to feel special, like they know the person on the other side of the screen. Not only can you share exclusive content, trade show secrets and more, but you’re building trust. You can even customize emails to mention the contact’s first name so it’s personal. *chefs kiss*

People Check Their Email A LOT

There’s a reason you’re always getting ads for American Eagle to your inbox and never actually unsubscribing even though you’ve meant to for the last three years. People get a lot of emails. This gives you the chance to push your content to their inbox, directly to their phone or computer, frequently. (Just make sure you’re offering value and not spamming).

Drive Traffic To Your Content

Utilize the email efficiently to share links to your blog posts, your courses, your social media. This gives you the extra clicks, views and engagement you need to keep growing. 

How to create an Email List from scratch

Step 1: Have a website

You need to have a website, such as a blog or landing page, so that you can have an opt-in section into your email list. Depending on the marketing platform you use, you can easily connect it to your website as a plug-in.

Step 2: Choose an email marketing service

There are so many options to choose from, such as MailChimp, SendInBlue, and MailerLite which offer both free and paid plans. There are also pay only services like ActiveCampaign (which I use). I personally love ActiveCampaign since you receive so many analytics with every email you send, but it can get quite expensive. You’ll want to compare pros and cons and ensure the service you use can grow with you.

Step 3: Write your first Newsletter email

I know this part seems so daunting, intimidating, and overwhelming, but it’s much easier than you think! You first have to consider how often do you plan to send an email? Be realistic with your schedule too. You want to be consistent, whether you start off with once a month, once every other week, and so forth. Think of what day you want to send your email, and plan accordingly so that you are showing up for your subscribers.

Keep your emails short and sweet, while providing some sort of value. Consider what your audience’s interests are, and what kind of topics you can talk about to share your expertise. After all, they are subscribed because they want to learn from you.

Use short paragraphs in your email, and include a couple of graphics or gifs to make it catchy. Start off with a personal anecdote or a small life update, then go into detail of your email topic. And always sign off with a call to action, such as “reply to this email if…” or “check out XYZ for more details”.

how to build your email list

How to build your Email List

Step 4: Build your Email List

Create a freebie

This can be a pdf guide or printable worksheet, whether it’s coloring pages, a recipe, a step-by-step guide, niche-related tips you must know, etcetera.

Create opt-in forms

Using your email marketing service, or your website such as WordPress, you can upload your pdf file so that when a person opts into your form, they automatically receive the pdf file. You can customize your opt-in form to where the person has to submit certain information, such as their full name, location, and so forth.

Place pop ups throughout your website

Every single website has this. Whether you’re shopping for your summer bikini or finding recipes for brunch, that website will invite you to come back with a pop up that says “Sign Up For 10% Off” or “Get My Free E-Book Here.” They aren’t giving you things for free out of the goodness of their heart, they want that email, so they can keep sending you information about their brand and keep you coming back.

Create multiple opt-in forms and place it throughout your website, whether it’s in the form of a link or as a pop up.

Step 5: Drive traffic to your freebie

Utilize Social Media Posts

Use Instagram Story Links (especially since everyone has access to linking since 2021) and the link in your bio to drive people to subscribe to your email list. Dedicate Instagram posts about what people will find if they subscribe and continuously promote it to your audience.

You can also share your freebie on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etcetera and have it linked back to your opt-in form landing page.

Email List Reminders Everywhere

At the bottom of your landing pages, in your link list, on Facebook posts, via TikTok’s new story feature, your blog posts for casual viewers; Remind people what they’ll get access to by entering their information.

Step 6: Nurture your Email List

Continue to nurture your mailing list and email your subscribers frequently on a consistent basis; the first Monday of the month, the last day of the month, every other Friday, every Wednesday, etcetera. Find what works for you as you start out on building your Email List, and eventually you can outsource your email copy to a Virtual Assistant or copywriter as you also grow your business.

Before selling a new product to your audience, you have to make time to create an email list and nurture it. The more you email your subscribers, the stronger the trust you build with them.

So now that you have read why you need to start a blog and learned how to create an email list, get to it! Show others what you’re knowledgeable in. Be a resource to your subscribers. Make time for your audience.

And don’t forget to subscribe to my email list to make sure you never miss a blog post or the exclusive access to discounts on my courses and launches before anyone else. 😉 

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