10 of the Best Influencer Platforms for Content Creators to join right now

If you are reading this post, then you’re probably wondering what are some ways to make an income as an influencer (which btw I’ve talked about in another post that you can read here). In this post, I’m going to share some of the best Influencer Platforms to join as an influencer and content creator in 2022. Some of the Influencer Platforms I will be mentioning are my personal favorites, and some are recommendations that I frequently hear from fellow content creator friends!

What are Influencer Platforms?

An influencer platform is a great tool for influencers and content creators to find campaigns that brands are offering for their social media marketing strategies. Every year, brands and companies are allocating more funds into social media marketing since the influencer industry has been exponentially growing. As influencers continue to grow their online presence, they are building a niche-based audience that many brands could be looking for. That’s why knowing your niche is so important!

Are Influencer Platforms for me?

I’m seeing a lot of pre-summer burnout right now, which is why I sent a Seven Day Reel challenge to my email list, to help get the creative juices flowing and give you a break from thinking of ideas! (Keep tagging me in them btw, love to see it!). I want to help support you through the tough seasons as much as I can, so we’re going to talk about ways to get collaborations without pitching via email, DMs, or LinkedIn.

You have bills to pay. Home repairs you need to pay for. Trips you want to take. I see you. I am you. And I am telling you that Influencer Platforms are still a thing in 2022, with lots of opportunities for great pay and value for your time and efforts. Now, I do have to warn you that not every Influencer Platform might be a great fit for you. Some creators have better luck landing campaigns on certain platforms, and for what reason.. I don’t know. That’s why I always suggest joining different Influencer Platforms to see what works for you!

If you feel like you have already tried them all and found your favorites, great!! If you’re just starting out your influencer journey and feel a little lost, no worries! Grab a snack, get your typing fingers ready, and go join these Influencer Platforms and apply to every campaign in your niche. Get. Your. Coin.

10 of the Best Influencer Platforms of 2022


Consider this a “PR email list” where you will receive emails of brand campaigns available to apply for. They will share the campaign brief, the budget, and a link to apply to the campaign. There’s minimal pitching involved (you just need to write a campaign concept), and it ranges from preset rates of pay to naming your rate.


Get matched to brands based on stats and info you set! This is where I have worked with brands like Bananagrams and Kitchen Aid.

Aspire (formerly Aspire IQ)

Visually engaging on its own, this platform let’s you message and apply to campaigns, and name your own rates. They also have a bunch of affiliate programs available.


Let’s you apply to campaigns across different niches.


Let’s you apply for both non-posting content creation and influencing gigs by answering a few simple questions. There is also an app that you can download to easily apply for campaigns.


An app, but unlike the one that caps your rate at $15 and calls it’s a day, it let’s you name your own price as you submit mock drafts to brands.

Social Native

Great for smaller influencers and those just starting out. There are many big-named brands, but you can’t name your own pay.


From travel to being a part of Ulta’s beauty collective, Obvious.ly is HOT for creators. They frequently have different campaigns you can apply for, sometimes closing within minutes when the campaign is really good (big brands, big pays, big incentives). Every time you complete a campaign, you also earn corgis, which is their website “currency”. At the end of the year, you can cash out on your corgis as an extra bonus.


Another straightforward website where you apply to brand campaigns that you qualify for. A lot of big brands are on here, such as Dove, Huggies, and travel stays. Simply go to your bulletin, look at available campaigns, and answer their questionnaires to apply.


From Target to Whole Foods, and baby products (strollers, car seats) to yummy foods, this platform is hosting all the brands you want to be working with.

Do Influencer Platforms have requirements to join?

Not all of them! Every platform has its own requirements and process on how it works, but they all aim to connect brands and creators. Some might requirement a specific amount of followers, some might require a certain average amount of engagement (minimum 500 likes per post, etc), and some might require a certain audience percentage (50% US followers, etc). The con is that while these platforms don’t charge us, they do charge the brands and this makes it harder to negotiate your standard pay rate.

Still, some brands only work with influencers and content creators through these influencer platforms so throwing your hat in the ring is never a bad idea. Influencer platforms are also great for when you’re feeling burnt out and need to mass apply to some jobs to get those bills paid. I see you hustling, and I’m so proud of all of you. 

What’s your favorite influencer platform of 2022? Found a new platform, or perhaps I didn’t mention one that you love? Maybe you had a bad experience with a platform? Let me know in the comments below!

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