What You Need To Know About The Pinterest Creator Fund 2022

This wraps up Week Two of July, Week Two of Q3 and from the feedback you’re giving me, I’m hearing you need other ways to make money outside of paid partnerships and sponsored ads. You loved learning more about the Instagram Affiliate feature in my recent blog post as a way to make commission directly from Instagram. So this week, we are going to talk about another way to make money, utilizing Pinterest. Here is what you need to know about the Pinterest Creator Fund!

what you need to know about the pinterest creator fund

All About The Pinterest Creator Fund

How To Join The Pinterest Creator Fund

You have to apply to The Pinterest Creator Fund quarterly. So if in this quarter you don’t meet the requirements, it’s time to build your profile so you can apply next quarter. You can find the application here. If it is currently closed, sign up for their newsletter here to receive updates.

How To Qualify

  • You must be 18 years or over and a US Resident (sorry for those reading outside the US, but Pinterest did state that they plan to “expand the program to include underrepresented creators in Brazil and the UK later” in 2022)
  • Have at least 250 Followers
  • Have created at least 3 Idea Pins in the last 30 Days
  • Have 150 Saves of your published pins in the last 30 Days
  • Continuously create original Pinterest content 

I know what you’re thinking, “Krystalyn, why should I commit my precious time to yet another platform?”

Because, once you’re in, the pay is huge! Arguably one of the best creator funds out there.

Here’s what this month’s rewards looked like:

  • $250 for creating 1 Idea Pin each week
  • $45 for each Idea Pin that reached 10 saves + $2 for every save earned after the initial 10
  • $200 once you hit 100 saves on an Idea Pin
  • $400 once you hit 200 saves on an Idea Pin
  • $500 for 250 saves total on up to 15 pins

Okay.. tell me I’ve convinced you. Because wow!

How do you make Pinterest Idea Pins?

Here’s where it might not be as much of a time commitment as you think it is!

You can repurpose your reels!

I’ll say it again: use the content you’ve already created, and make money. It’s really that easy. 

You can even split your clips directly in the app (which creates more slides / pages and keeps people in the app longer – a trend that is commonplace in any app – they want creators creating content that keeps people in the app. So if you want the algorithm to favor your content in any app, that’s what you have to cater to. For Pinterest, it’s multiple pages / slides and they make it so easy with their splitting tool).

What kind of content makes for a good Idea Pin?

Share your OOTD (Outfit of the Day)

Share what you’re making for dinner

Share a mom hack 

Share a craft 

What kind of content do you turn to Pinterest for? That’s the same kind of content that you’ll do best in creating. Pinterest is utilized as a search engine, so imagine what you are searching on the app. Then, title your pins accordingly. For instance, if you want to research “minimal home decor”, then create an Idea Pin with “minimal home decor” in your title. Keywords, like in any platform, is the main element on Pinterest.

Let’s share our Pinterest profiles in the comments and support one another so we can all join the Creator Fund once it opens again!


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