13 Great Apps To Create and Edit Content for Social Media

We’ve talked about batching content before, so you know I am always down for ways to make our lives easier as Influencers and Content Creators. The wonderful thing is someone is always out there, having our back, making amazing apps that make our lives so much easier and our content so much prettier! Since we are heading into the second half of the year soon and you’ll be producing so much holiday, family, and vacay content in the future, now is the time to download these social media apps and get familiar, get comfortable and put your best foot forward for those campaigns. Here’s a list of social media apps every influencer and content creator should check out!

13 Apps to create and edit content for social media


(Available for Android & Apple)

So easy to use, can utilize templates of popular trends and make your own. A must!


(Available for Android & Apple)

Whether you need masking, color contrast, or filters like Retrolux, Lens Blur, and more, Snapseed has a stack of features you may miss in random editing tools.


(Available for Android & Apple)

Canva is your free photo editor and video editor in one graphic design app! Create stunning social media posts, videos, cards, flyers, photo collages & more. If you upgrade to the pro version you also get their background remover which makes all your LTK content look incredible (and it’s so much easier than photoshop). 

Later & Hootsuite

(Both available for Android & Apple)

Schedule all that content that you shot on Thursday in different outfits, and leave the rest to these apps. 


(Available for Android & Apple)

In today’s era of user-generated content (UGC) [LINK BLOG HERE], it’s important for us to have a handy tool for featuring photos of ours posted by brands. 


(Available for Android & Apple)

If you don’t want to use Canva for creating stories Unfold is a great app for making clean and crisp stories. 


(Available for Android & Apple)

It allows you to trim or rotate clips, adjust the speed, and add all sorts of filters, music, and text.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

(Available for Android & Apple)

If you’re buying presets from your fav influencers and photographers, this free app is how you’ll apply them all. You’ll also be able to do some basic photoshop with the free version! Upgrading is totally worth it if you’re editing from your computer also. 

VSCO and Tezza

(Both available for Android & Apple)

Photo editing apps with a ton of free presets, and option for subscribing to buy more. Currently obsessed with Tezza and their grain feature. 


(Available for Android & Apple)

Great for adding bold and unique text to reels and stories. If you want to separate yourself in a saturated niche, this is a great way to add a personal touch. 

Okay, Okay, so it’s not an app but I have to shout out 

For Display Purposes Only

If you’re needing help thinking of new hashtags to try, definitely utilize this website. 

What apps are you loving lately? I’d love to add them to the list! If you liked this post, check out my post on tools to help you stay organized as a content creator.

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