Business Credit Card: Practical Money Tips For Content Creators

Whether you’ve taken the plunge and formed your LLC or S-Corp, if you’re making enough to file taxes and call Content Creation and Influencing your job, having a business credit card is a great way to not only keep track of your expenses, but fund purchases you need for photo and video props, locations and equipment too! 

Why you need a business credit card as a content creator

Why You Need A Business Credit Card

It keeps your personal expenses and business expenses separate.

Not only does this make bookkeeping and tracking easier but it ensures accurate deductions come tax season and provides an extra safe guard for spending toward your business. This also minimizes the effect of your personal credit score. 

Better credit card perks

Business credit cards often offer bigger travel rewards, like more miles or even more cash-back percentages. If you’re a travel bug like me, or even if you’re an RV family or photographer, there are so many business cards that have great airline perks. For those of you who don’t need travel miles or hotel points, say most of your purchases happen at Amazon or Target, monthly cashback bonuses based on total purchases may be a better fit.

Convenience and Control

If you’re not buying anything for your business unless it’s on your company card, it’s a great way to limit spending and also control your budget and expenses for every month. Perfect for clothing allowance, props, travel fees, gas, admission tickets and parking, and anything else you use when shooting content.

Tracking is a breeze

Services like Quickbooks (or a bookkeeper at your tax preparers office) love business cards. They easily categorize expenses by category, which can help make accounting and tax filing easier. It’s also useful and easy in the event you become subject to an audit.

Better rates

Business credit cards often have better terms than those of a personal card, including lower interest rates, higher credit limits, longer periods before interest accrues, and more. They are also easier to get than a small business loan and build your business credit for the future if you ever do need a loan (office space, studio, etc). 

Have you gotten a business card yet?

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