Employees You Can Hire As A Social Media Influencer

If you’re just getting started and looking at those huge million follower accounts with perfect photos, perfect homes, perfect vacations and thinking how on earth do they do it all by themselves when I can’t even get my house clean enough to shoot content? Spoiler Alert, they don’t do it themselves. They may have started off going solo, but as their follower count grew and they started taking the job more seriously, they filed as LLC’s (and possibly S-Corps), most likely signed with a management company, and started prepping for tax season early. Why? Because if you treat this like a real job, it becomes a real job. Then, once you’re filed as an LLC, you can start hiring employees. And that’s how they get it all done. So what kind of employees can you hire as a social media influencer / content creator?

Seven employees you can hire as an influencer or content creator

Nannies and Babysitters

Feel like you never have time to shoot content because you’re chasing tiny humans around? Hiring child care to shoot content is an investment, and write off, when you’re a creator. You need to create content and put it out, consistently. If child care is one of the things preventing that, hire help. It’s okay. We don’t all live close to family who can help us. I’ll say it again. It’s okay to need help. 

A Cleaning Person

If you’re a stay at home parent, it might be hard to convince your spouse or even yourself of this one, but if I’ve convinced you of anything this last year it’s that being an influencer is a real job, a full time job. Someone to help you clean before you batch shoot content is totally a valuable employee to have on your roster. 

A Virtual Assistant

Someone who helps you organize your emails, your DM’s, pings comments to your attention; some might have graphic design knowledge and/or can help planning out your feed, posting and scheduling for Instagram, Stories, TikTok, FB, etc; calendar management and even trend research.


If creating captions isn’t your favorite thing, or you need help maintaining your blog content while you create visual content, consider hiring a copywriter. Make sure they send you samples of their previous work and are able to imitate your writing style.

Accounting Services

Accountants and Bookkeepers help you make the most out of tax season and also ensure you keep all those receipts and purchases organized. 


Maybe you’re like me and a tripod pro, that’s totally sustainable for this line of work, but if you’re at an event or feeling burnt out or just want to batch shoot some UGC content, a photographer might be a great investment every once in a while. If you find yourself really enjoying shooting content with them, consider having them on a monthly retainer for all your photography needs.

Business Manager

Once you’ve launched a few online courses, started selling merch, or maybe created prints or digital products, are doing influencing full-time, have expanded to making over six figures and hired some staff to take care of all your needs… (phew!) a business manager is there to keep them all goal oriented, host weekly check ins and marketing updates, and keep your business running smoothly. They will also handle your payouts and budget items like Holiday Giftaways, props you need to buy, tickets for events, getting you as a guest speaker on podcasts, etc. 

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