Do your Instagram captions have to match the content? (and 8 quick ideas)

Obligatory does the curtain match the drapes joke because it somehow is totally applicable? No, but actually you all ask me about caption ideas all the time and one of the most frequent things that comes up is: “Is it okay for my Instagram captions to be unrelated to my Reel / photo / content?”

Besties, yes

There’s a video trend that’s been happening for a while. Creators are getting ready, doing their makeup, hair, getting dressed, and telling random stories while they do it. 

We used to do this during our IG lives but it’s actually become great content and a great way for creators to share themselves and make connections with their audience. You’ll even see food creators telling random stories while they share top downs of them creating their beautiful recipes. 

“Krystalyn, what on earth does this have to do with captions?”

Everything. People come for the content but they stay for you

So if you have an aesthetic video of you making your coffee and your Instagram caption is sharing your deepest darkest heartbreak, it’s okay. The people that read captions will appreciate it and the ones that are only there for the content won’t even notice.

Instagram captions serve two purposes


Search engine optimization aka using text in order to rank higher and categorize yourself in a saturated market, so that you receive more traffic (this applies to captions as well as text IN VIDEOS and ON PHOTOS, because yes the algorithm is smart enough to read those – it’s why people use alternate spellings for Covid, swear words, and even yt instead of white). 


Equally as important this is how your followers and potential followers get to know you, your voice, if you’re sharing relatable and valuable content. Can they get something from you, whether it be education, entertainment, joy, etc. 

So yes, being intentional with your Instagram captions is important but you also don’t need to stress yourself out matching photos to words. 

Knowing this, here are some Instagram caption ideas for when you’re feeling captioned out:

  • Black Friday is coming? What are you keeping your eye out for this month?
  • Did you see a sale we need to know about but don’t want to create separate content for it? Share it in the caption!
  • What’s your favorite Thanksgiving side? Which do you feel is overrated? 
  • Do you ride or die for coffee? Tell us your go to Starbucks coffee order so we can all try or how you save money by making it at home.
  • Did you have a somber moment looking at your kids and realizing how much time has gone by? Share so we can all cry along with you.
  • Are you feeling imposter syndrome? Be honest with us.
  • Feeling confident and free in your skin lately? Let us celebrate with you.
  • Mental Health not doing so hot? It’s okay to admit you need help.

We want to know you.

Definitely don’t feel the need to share if you’re not comfortable, but know it’s okay to be yourself, it actually has been proven to attract a more loyal and engaged audience. 

Be you.

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The purpose of Instagram captions

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