How To Achieve The ✨ that girl ✨ Aesthetic

We’re going to take a break from all the business talk for a week, and I promise you, we’ll be back to hustling next week. But like I’ve said from the very beginning, work life balance is important. It’s okay to take breaks, besties.

Let’s get personal for a second. If you missed it over on Instagram, life has turned on its head the last few months. I’m a pretty private person, despite sharing a huge chunk of my life online every day, I share less of Auggie than I did before, and really try to focus more on my own experiences; but I can’t keep everything private and it’s okay to be vulnerable sometimes. After an attempted sexual assault on what was supposed to be my healing trip to Tulum, separating with my husband, and every single thing that has happened after, I’ve had to slow down. I’ve had to embrace the vulnerable and leave space for change, growth and the uncomfortable moments. 

And as I continue to grow, I’m embracing ✨ that girl ✨ vibes. 

how to achieve the "that girl" aesthetic

What makes someone ✨ that girl ✨ you may ask? 

This trend, started by Olivia on TikTok, is about embracing being productive and engaging in self-care and self-betterment.

How often do we get caught up with work or the drama in our life (and others lives), how often do we forget to eat, hydrate, neglect gym days, beach days, Disney days. Life is about balance. Life is short. Get your work done and get to self care. Say hi to the uncomfortable and let yourself grow from it. Welcome the change, welcome the new you – and make it aesthetic, duh. (I am a full time influencer after all). 

A perfectly curated montage of daily meals, open books, travel life, skincare, and matching workout gear. PCOS girl aesthetic supplement routine, healing myself with food, minimalist mom life (especially come holiday season as a newly single mama). 

It’s about you

Helping you all reach the influencer life of your dreams. Working on my courses, my website, and content to help you all grow and embrace your ✨ that girl ✨.

Because growth doesn’t happen without change, time, patience and most importantly, self care. You have to take care of you or you’ll burn out and resent this incredible job.

And when you’re ready to be productive, I’ve made it that much easier for you.

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