5 Simple Mistakes You Can Avoid As A Content Creator

I write a lot about the things you should do as an influencer, duh – influencer coach, kinda the point – but it’s just as important, on top of auditing your feed every once in a while, to also talk about common mistakes to that aspiring influencers, or those who get stuck in ruts, tend to make. So let’s get right to it on the five mistakes you should avoid as a content creator!

Posting Low Quality Content

These days an iPhone can shoot almost as good as a professional camera (at least when it comes to posting online), if you use the right lighting and settings. If you’re not researching lighting and camera tips and tricks, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice and this is a huge mistake to avoid! Everyone’s posting and watching in HD, so your content needs to keep up (and you don’t have to buy new stuff to do it). 

Ghosting Your Followers

I’ll be the first one to tell you to take mental health breaks, but your followers and algorithm thrive off of consistency. Make sure you pick your days and stick with them – and if you’re planning on disappearing? Let us know! This mistake can easily be avoided by posting a story or a static post saying why you’re taking a short break, so that way your audience can know when to expect your return.

The same goes for posting and ghosting, if you’re including a CTA (call to action) in your caption–and you should be–make sure you’re engaging with your followers when they answer you or you’ll start to notice your engagement nose dive, big time.

Not Treating This Job, Like a Job

Because it is a job, and you get what you put in! Pretty straightforward.

Saying “yes” to any and every partnership opportunity that presents itself

You know what I mean. How many shampoos are really must-haves in your house? If you are taking brand partnerships just to take them, you’ll lose trust (and engagement) with your following.

Over saturating your feed with collaborations also dismays big brands from working with you because they want to feel special. And this leads right into…

Not Asking For Payment / Giving Everything Away For Free

I hear you, you’re excited about the opportunity to represent *soandso* brand, but not asking for money not only hurts your fellow influencers, you also hurt yourself.

If we all aren’t constantly requiring payment, brands will not pay. If they know they can get high quality content with high engagement for free, they will not say yes to those that ask for pay.

Don’t you think you deserve to get paid for your work?

And don’t get me started on giving away your image rights for free (I have a whole other blog on that).

If you need help negotiating, don’t forget to sign up for my Product to Paid course and start living the influencer life of your dreams.

I hope you found this post helpful with my top five mistakes you should avoid as a content creator! What are some other mistakes you recommend on avoiding? Let me know in the comments below.

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