5 Ways On How Big Influencers Stand Out Online

Let’s be honest. Influencing is an extremely saturated field. But like any job, there are things that the big influencers we have come to know and love do (and have done) to get where they are. So like the title of this post says, today we’ll be cover five things that influencers do to stand out online.

5 things that big influencers do to stand out online

To preface, you have to realize that your email pitches and social media feed are essentially your resume for both brand collaborations and what attracts new followers. If you want to stand out, you must treat this like the job that it is. Think of it like you’re almost applying for a job when you present yourself with every piece of content – in hopes that whoever stumbles across your page thinks, hey I like you enough to follow / comment / hire you.

I won’t ever lie to you and say it’s easy, and the algorithm is definitely changing more than ever before (but if you’re on my email list, you know I got you when it comes to all the updates you need to know, and trends you need to hop on) but you can sit with us. There is still room for growth. You just have to commit. You have to work for it.

So what are all your fav big influencers doing to stand out and what can you do to be like them?

Influencers Are Always Online

Yeah, work life balance is a thing, but the influencers that make it and see consistent growth are constantly posting, scrolling, engaging and giving the app screen time. And if you didn’t know, the more screen time you give to Instagram, the happier the algorithm will be to push out your content to even more users.

They Know How To Make The Everyday into Content

*sing it with me* Everything is content, everything is content. For instance, you just taking a video of you pumping gas – you gotta make it fit your aesthetic. Perhaps your wardrobe is consistent (it’s why so many influencers choose neutrals and blacks, tbh), that even the mundane is content. Some might even use trends to use the “mundane” content to fit into a trend. Using the previous example, the trend might be a specific audio where the text says “my husband wants me to throw away clothes I don’t use anymore, but this is proof that I do still wear this dress”, and it’s a video clip of you pumping gas wearing your dress. Which leads me to my next point,

The Influencers Are On Top Of All Of The Trends

And besties, I gotchu when it comes to trends! Every week, I send emails with trends that you have to hop on before the sound becomes overly saturated, but you actually gotta. do. them. Subscribe here so you don’t miss out! My team and I do the research and send out an InstaTok Newsletter every Friday filled with current trending TikToks that will carry over to Instagram.

People Trust These Influencers

There’s a way to build trust and be vulnerable and authentic without literally bearing your soul, which you could also do, but if you like to keep things close to the vest, find a way to connect because there’s 1,000 other people trying to sell them the same thing, so why should they get it from you? I always recommend adding a personal anecdote as to why someone should buy something that you’re sharing– maybe it’s such a flattering bikini set for moms postpartum, or your go-to wallpaper brand for your home because you’ve tried them all and finally found the perfect brand! Whatever it is, make it relatable to your target audience.

Influencers Know Their Audience

And they adjust accordingly. Studying your insights is so important! Knowing what kinds of content that responds with your audience will help your content creation process be much easier. Create a series or catchphrase that your audience will get to know you for, and that will help attract new followers, create that constant growth we all crave, and grow a loyal fanbase. 

So what are you waiting for? Utilize some of these tips to become an influencer that stands out online. It’s almost 2023! Have you started treating influencing and content creation like a real job yet?


5 ways to stand out online as an influencer

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