5 Simple Ways To Find Tons Of UGC Opportunities

In 2022, a new craze in content creation blew up. It allowed anyone to be a content creator, regardless of their following, because it was based around the quality of work you were able to provide the brand. If you have a good eye, can create beautiful content, know how to use a professional camera or even have the latest phone camera, and are a great editor, you can sell your photos to brands.  Brands learned that their audience really responded to the feel of user generated content more than multimillion dollar ads (and that it’s way cheaper to have everyday people create ads for you). Today, I’m going to go over a few ways on how you can find UGC opportunities.

Five ways to find UGC opportunities

UGC (User Generated Content), meaning any content you see—text, videos, images, reviews, etc.— is created by people, rather than brands. This content can be found on their websites, ad campaigns, social media and even commercials.

If you want to learn more about being a UGC Creator, you can head over to my last blog that breaks it all down for you.

I touched a little bit on how to find UGC partnerships in my initial post, which included listing yourself on apps / services like Fiverr and Upwork, looking on their website for a PR contact, reaching out via DM and also purchasing my Brand Contact Directory (where I’ve already researched and compiled a list of 150 / 250 public emails.)

But did you know…

People are posting job listings for UGC Opportunities and Content Creation?

  • Google’s Job Search does a great job at compiling them. But if that’s too much to comb through you can specifically search on this other platform…
  • Backstage.com | For over 60 years, Backstage has served as the #1 resource for performers to find work while helping talent-seekers move their projects forward, and now they help influencers too!
  • Indeed 
  • LinkedIn | Don’t sleep on LinkedIn okay?! Networking happens here for creators and influencers like anyone else. Find your in, make friends, shmooze. 
  • CareerBuilder

Wait Krystalyn, aren’t most of these just job sites? Yeah. Have I not been saying for the last two years that you need to treat this job, like a job? That means looking on job boards, get those jobs that not everyone finds because they don’t think to look on the above.

So yes, besties! Everyone’s catching on. They all want social media content, and they want you to make it. 

What are you waiting for?

**Confused on what kind of UGC content creation you can be making? Check back next week for 15 UGC niches you can dip your toe into now!


5 simple ways to find tons of UGC opportunities

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