Tips For An Easy Social Media Content Planning Strategy

If you’re an OG, you know I’ve been posting pretty consistently (life happens, okay?!) on this blog and (way more consistently) sharing tips, tricks, updates and trends twice a week on my email list. I’ve experienced great success as a content creator, grown my own social media presence and given myself the freedom to be home with my son, travel and explore places from my bucket list, and connect with incredible brands, people and opportunities. Because of my own teaching background, it came pretty naturally that I would make it my mission to help fellow mamas, and anyone else following along, grow, succeed and live the influencer life of their dreams too. So today, we’re going to compile my day to day content planning and creating strategy, give you that inside look and let you steal my process–is it still considered stealing if I’m giving it away for free? 🤔 Meh. It sounds better than “Hey, I’m giving you permission to do what I do,” doesn’t it?

Let’s get into it.

Tips for making your own content planning strategies

Analyzing your content

First things first: We gotta analyze what we’ve already put out there.

Before we put any more time, effort and work into creating content, we need to take a good hard look at what’s working and what’s definitely not. Just because you’re proud of a reel, doesn’t mean it did well, doesn’t mean it’s what your audience or the algorithm wants to see more of. Head to account insights and look at reach, likes and comments, saves and shares, even how many people clicked the link in your bio.

Filming content

Second, but also kind of an all encompassing step, is to film your day to day life. The little things, brushing your teeth, making dinner, picking your kids up from the carpool. Give yourself content without overthinking it and for the days you don’t feel like filming anything. In the same respect, create a note either on your phone, your fridge or wherever you’ll remember to write any and all content ideas on. Do it in the moment before you forget, even if you never use them, keep those creative juices flowing.  

Map out your content

Alright, now the real work. Mapping out my content plan. You know I love my content pillars, and for my feed to have an aesthetic flow, so I keep this in mind. I’m team organization so using a spreadsheet or even a month desk calendar is a must for me. This way, I don’t overwhelm myself by trying to create too much but also don’t give myself the structure that I desperately need.

Bonus points if you notate the goals you have for each video / post ahead of time. (ie: this aesthetic one will attract brands, this one using a viral sound will help with growth, etcetera)

And for the best part, we get to do what we do best, create!

Your captions, your content, edit, add text to screen, line up the audios, make it just right. 

Schedule your content

Scheduling ahead of time helps me show up consistently, but using the Instagram scheduler and other apps hasn’t been connecting to the reel bonus, so I’ve been setting a lot of alarms for myself and saving captions into my notes–in case the app logged me out and I lost my drafts. Now that reels isn’t really an issue anymore, Instagram scheduling tools, or services like Later and Hootsuite, are great tools for work-life balance, consistency and stress reduction. 

Then I make sure to log in and engage engage engage, with the people I follow and with the comments under my posts. I post to stories and make sure I’m giving Instagram the screen time it wants so that the algorithm continues to push out my content. 

And honestly, that’s it. My secret sauce for content creation. Sticking to this really helps me stay organized and continue elevating my own success. I hope it helps you too!


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