UGC Creator Ways To Make Easy Money In Different Niches

With so many DMs and emails asking for more details about UGC, here is part three of our UGC (User Generated Content) creator blog series! If you missed the last two, you can head over to Part 1 here to learn about what it means to be a UGC Creator, and Part 2 here to learn where to find and apply for UGC Creator jobs.So now you’re interested, you’re ready, you have your camera, your lighting, you want to start your portfolio, you want to start pitching. Here are all of the niches you can find UGC Creator jobs in, and start making it your full-time job, or part-time side hustle!

ugc creators: ways to make money in different niches

Unboxing Videos

Can you take really great video content? Brands are always looking for clean transitions, good editing and high quality resolution of their products. You can create a portfolio of what it would look like to unbox their products and showcase them in a video. These help scrollers decide if a product is worth purchasing by providing an up-close look at what they will be getting before they buy it. It also shows the great packaging of a product, and it’s great for brands who invest in high quality packaging. 

Travel Photography / Video

Both can be stand alone niches, but if you have the skill in both, get ready for those dream partnerships! If you have an active, successful Instagram page, you’re more likely to land these gigs–especially if you’re a travel creator–but even without it, you just need portfolio content with your stunning work to land what many would consider the most popular UGC field – think AirBnB, VRBO and other major hotel chains and destinations. If they have a social media presence, you can pitch them.

Beauty & Skincare UGC

Again, the ideal UGC creator for this niche will be able to utilize high quality photo skills and also video taking content. Beauty and Skincare brands often want to see the product showcased in a way where not only do you see the beautiful packaging, but the texture and consistency of the product. That means getting creative, squeezing out more than you’d actually use, and overall unique content creation (using bakeware to make products float on water, etc). For this niche, typically, a brand wants to make even the most affordable products look high end. 

Beauty creators on TikTok and Instagram have arguably the highest engagement rate. People are looking to them more than anyone else for product recs. That’s why this is a very profitable UGC niche.

Product Videos

From day in the life videos featuring your Stanley cup, to voice overs of why you love your Hoover for every day mom messes, focusing on strictly product-based “review” type videos is also a popular UGC niche. You don’t always have to have the best quality for these, some brands look for more of an organic “real person” feel for these, and that’s why it’s a huge favorite for those just starting. 

Product Photography

This is for all of you with a nice camera and some free time on your hands. Amazon brands, Shopify brands and even Etsy users want their product to look clean, professional and sometimes even upscale. They just don’t have the ability to do that themselves or hire a multi thousand dollar crew to do it for them. So if you take stunning, professional photos, then pitching yourself to brands for product photography (aka the origin of UGC creation) is a great way to get your foot in the door and start building your portfolio. 


This is a huge one! If you have a fur baby, then some brands want you to pitch them for UGC. These product photos and videos involve pet products (like toys, food, accessories, etc) used by real owners like you and your fur babies. Again, a great one for those who are shooting with a phone only because fellow pet owners don’t always want glamorous videos about products– they just want to see that their pet will like it just like yours. 

Lifestyle UGC

Have a beautiful home? Work with brands to showcase anything from paint colors, to furniture, kitchen equipment, floor tile, and even garden supplies. The options are endless in this niche because you have the ability to use your entire home as a studio and portfolio for brands. It’s a great way to get extra money in your pocket for using products you already love and you’re also able to get an extra foot in the door if you’re already posting on Instagram about it. 

Fashion UGC

Great for the fashionista comfortable being on camera. If you love sharing OOTD and creating fun looks, staples for every season, and have a specific fashion niche (athleisure, business casual, 30 Year Old Trends, Boho, Bright & Colorful, etc) then you can stand out in the crowd and build your portfolio that shows how you’d show off a brands clothes in a fun and creative way that will catch the attention of people scrolling feeds and FYPs.

Food Photos and Videos

There are quite a few options for this one. It’s great for those who know how to use their camera to its full potential, slow motion high quality syrup dripping videos, and plating food to take mouthwatering photos showcasing the food.

People also love watching eating videos, so a mini vlog of preparation, trying the dish, and rating the food on camera would work great for this! This allows more personality to be showcased than it being video-quality driven. 

People who get creative in the kitchen with recipes, can also pitch for ingredients like artichoke brands, and even apples. Brands are looking for ways to showcase their products to reach more consumers and get them to buy their produce (meat, seafood, etc), so this is a unique way to also create UGC for brands!

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