A Cuppa Presets: LATTE

A Cuppa is a warm and cool, desaturated preset pack that creates a neutral feed. It is my very first preset pack and each preset is named after a dear person in my life, which makes this preset pack even more special to me! I am obsessed with neutrals and all things grey, so these presets truly represent my style. They are what I use on a daily basis when I’m editing photos taken with my iPhone, and they can be tweaked to work with any lighting.

After purchase, you can download the presets from your phone and start using them right away on the free Lightroom mobile app. This pack does not require a computer and is completely mobile friendly! Please note that the WinZip app (free) is required for installation, so make sure to download it first.

A Cuppa includes 5 presets: Chai, Coco, Cold Brew, Latte, and Hazelnut.

This individual listing is specifically for the LATTE preset. An earthy, warm preset leaving your photos creamy and sun-kissed. I love using this in groups photos because it maintains the pop of colors and your shade in all skin tones. This is named after my my mom, who loves to taste all sorts of lattes.

Should you choose to purchase this preset separately, or in my A Cuppa Presets bundle, I hope you all enjoy these presets as much as I enjoyed creating them. Please use the hashtag #klaurapresets when you post on Instagram using the presets. It's one of the best way to support me, and I can't wait to see all of your photos!

Thank you again for all of the overwhelming love and support. This has been long awaited, and I can't believe it's finally here! If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me via email hello@krystalynlaura.com or on Instagram @krystalynlaura

Warm Regards,

Krystalyn Laura